Summer Skincare Routine.

I have never, ever, had the best skin. Terrible skin literally runs in the family. For some reason, however, I never had a set skincare routine. Sure, I’ll make sure to always take my make-up off, put moisturizer on if my skin’s feeling a bit dry.

That was until the start of this summer when all I wanted to do was celebrate that I’d finished my first year of Uni, and I ended up with an allergic reaction on my face that resembled something more like 2nd-degree burns. I’d bought Loreal’s new red clay face scrub, which from what I heard, works brilliantly for everyone else, just not me, but who was I to know I was allergic to red clay?

It was not a Fun Experience, but on the bright side, I used so much moisturizer, exfoliator, and stolen eczema cream from my younger sister I was left with really nice skin and the motivation to actually keep up a routine.

This isn’t exactly daily, how many of the products I use depends on if I’m wearing make-up that day, but it’s close enough.


Photo 26-06-2017, 10 40 48

When it comes to shower cream/gel, I just pick up the first thing I see in the cupboard because we have an entire shelf dedicated to them, even though recently I’ve re-discovered my love for Lush’s shower jelly’s (I use Sweetie Pie but I don’t think they sell it anymore, you can find their range here)

Shaving, I use Johnson’s Baby Lotion, because when you have sensitive skin, you can’t really go wrong using products that were made for babies, I prefer this over the oil because I just don’t really like oily products, plus it smells really nice.

When it comes to post-shaving and moisturizing in general, I use Vaseline’s Aloe Vera moisturizer because 1) you can pick it up super cheap 2) it works, you can’t really go wrong with aloe vera. I also use this DoubleBase gel/cream that my Mum gave to me during the whole allergic reaction debacle, it’s basically a medicated, eczema cream. It helps keep any kind of reaction from shaving at bay and just makes my skin look approximately 10x better in general.  This particular tub was prescribed and I’m not sure if you can get the same size over the counter or in the shops, you can get smaller tubes but there’s a similar product called Oilatum which is available to buy in stores and online.

Daily Routine

Photo 26-06-2017, 10 42 02

These are my daily products. I did realize when planning this post I don’t actually have a facial cleanser, I usually use micellar water even if I’m not wearing make-up but I’ve previously used Soap and Glory’s Face Soap and Clarity which I really enjoyed, it’s just you know…expensive. Worth it, but expensive.

I do use cheaper products, partly because I’m not one for buying luxury items, mainly because I don’t have the money and I’d rather be able to stick to products I can buy regularly than grow attached to a product I might not be able to afford once I need more. I use two exfoliators because I read apricot seeds are supposedly really good for your skin and after using the scrub it checks out, and because I was curious about the whole charcoal thing but too nervous to use the masks. It doesn’t get rid of everything, however using it regularly has made my skin look a lot cleaner.

It’s pretty common knowledge to use a toner after cleaning your face, it gets rid of the remaining dirt and evens out your skin tone, which I definitely need. It also closes the pores you opened whilst cleaning your face. I use the Clarin’s one currently since I received it as a Christmas present, but at any other point, I am likely to use Simple’s Facial Toner.

As for moisturizer, I use Simple’s Hydrating Facial Moisturizer because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated or oily and it does indeed hydrate, which is what you need after toning and if you have dry skin, a.k.a me, especially in the summer. My favorite, however, is the Scosmetics Aloe Vera Face Cream. I’m not sure if this is available anywhere else other than TESCO because I’m not sure if this is TESCO’s own brand or not. I bought this alongside the red clay scrub, and when I had the reaction this helped so much. The aloe vera in it cools the skin down after you’ve just scrubbed at it for five minutes and leaves it feeling soft and healthy, whilst also making it feel tighter and not oily.

Pre/Post Make-Up 

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So, after moisturizing, if I’m wearing make-up, comes primer. Now, everybody who has watched or read beauty bloggers has probably heard about the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm being an exceptional primer. I didn’t believe it at first, till I stole some of my Dad’s and was proven wrong. I don’t like the texture of a lot of primers to start with, and frankly, I’d like to state that the price to size ratio of most primer tubes/bottles etc. is absolutely ridiculous. So why would I spend £9 on a small tube of primer, when I can either steal my Dad’s balm or buy it for £2/£3? (It usually retails for around £5, which is still better value if you’re on a budget, but it’s always on offer somewhere).

After make-up, I always start by wiping my face. My choice in facial wipes differs to where I’m shopping when I need some, however, I try to stick to more hydrating ones. I always stay away from anything that includes Tea Tree oil unless my skin is bad with spots because it really dries the skin out. I used the Olay Facial Wipes at Leeds Festival last year and my skin felt really good afterward, and Primark always has a huge range of different facial wipes, usually in double packs.

Then, like everybody and their great, great, great Aunt, I use Micellar water to get off my remaining make-up. It works, and I don’t tend to like many other Make-Up Removers because they’re usually really oily, and as I mentioned earlier I am really not about that life. Along with the water, I use Body Shop’s Camomile Eye Make-Up Remover, particularly if I’ve been wearing a lot of eye-make, and especially in the summer since I get really bad hayfever so my eyes are constantly a lot more irritated than at any other point of the year.

If you read this, I hope you take something away from this. If not, I hope you still had fun listening to me pretending to know what I’m talking about.




YouTube’s Young Proteges – A Feature

You might have seen me mention it in a few of my earlier posts, but one of my assessments this term at Uni has been to pitch, interview for, and write a feature on anything of our choice (fashion related, of course, I am a Fashion Journalism student). It didn’t take me long to figure out what and who I wanted to write about. After starting Uni I’d gotten into the habit of turning to watching beauty tutorials, hauls, vlogs etc, whenever I was stressed (procrastinating), free (procrastinating) or bored (procrastinating) and found a number of channels belonging to talented young girls under 17.

I am not one to judge, I’m one to encourage people to do what they want to do – if anything, there was just jealousy that these girls were better at doing their makeup than I am now, nevermind when I was 14. I could see the controversial side though, seeing how people would wonder if it was affecting their education, if it’s a safety risk and how they were affording the products.

Anyway, what better way to find out than to ask them directly? And this assessment was the perfect opportunity. I had to pleasure of interviewing Aylish, Elouise, Nicole and Sophia for this project, and I’d like to thank them yet again for agreeing to help. It was a pleasure.

The feature can be found below the cut.