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A Course In Review – Reflective Post 5

It’s April, meaning my Multiplatform Journalism course is coming to a close, I learnt a lot over the few months I had to study this subject and completely different skills in both assessments I had to work on.

Starting this blog has not only taught me the ‘ins and outs’ of setting up a blog, including how to edit a theme, create different pages and use the text editor to its full potential but it’s also taught me not to be scared of giving or receiving criticism and how to deal with it in the correct ways. I’ve learned a lot about the ‘science’ behind blogging, how to tag posts and when to post them in order to gain more views and subscribers and finally, starting this blog has made me more comfortable in my writing style.

As well as starting this blog, I’ve had to write and produce an entire feature. Focusing on beauty YouTuber’s under the age of 17 I’ve not only learned about how differently society views and is viewed by young girls in regards to beauty and self-confidence but I’ve also learned about the correct ways to conduct interviews and research your subjects.

All in all, I think it’s been pretty successful.

Clo xoxo.


A Different Insight (Giving Criticism) – Reflective Post 2

For part of this course, we’ve been asked to read each other’s work and give feedback.

I’ve always had a fear of giving criticism, I never want to hurt someone’s feelings or demotivate someone from just trying to do what they love. I’m not a brilliant writer by far. I don’t have perfect grammar, or equally perfect spelling, so commenting on that kind of stuff always made me feel a bit hypocritical.

However, in class I was provided with a different insight into giving criticism without hurting the reader.

  • Nice Comment.
  • Feedback
  • Nice Comment.

Looking back now, it seemed almost obvious. As long as the feedback isn’t being purposely spiteful, or patronizing and ‘Nice Comment #2’ isn’t being used merely to cushion the blow, it works out for both parties. The reader is left feeling good about what they’ve already written but ready to improve, the writer is left feeling confident they haven’t just shattered somebody’s hopes and dreams.

The Starting Line. (This is not a reference to the pop punk band) – Reflective Post 1

If someone asked why I decided to study Fashion Journalism, I wouldn’t have a solid answer, other than maybe ‘it felt right’ and ‘when I told my friends, they said it made sense’.” That’s not to say I’m not passionate about fashion, or writing at all. Frankly, I’m confused and a bit clueless about most things.

Multiplatform Journalism however, is what made this entire course make sense to me. I’ve always been very involved in social media. There has been numerous ‘style’ and ‘fashion’ blog attempts under my name before this one (I’m hoping using this one for University purposes also, might give me the motivation to stick to it) and I’ve sat and watched Youtube haul and tutorial videos, claiming that once I’m a little less scared of showing my face on camera, I’ll give it a try.

I’ve never prided myself on being an amazing writer, considering it’s the one thing I’ve done since being a child. I do pride myself on being original, and writing in a voice that is mine, and mine only. I’m restless and I get bored easily, unless I’m passionate about something, either that or I’m just too stubborn to give up. If there’s one thing I’m expecting from this course it’s not to ‘find my voice’, that’s been established since I was 11 and writing spin-off’s for the TV dramas I would watch with my Mum, it’s to build on and improve it.

Why did I choose the study Fashion Journalism, you ask? Hopefully both you and I will find out soon enough.


An Introduction

Okay, so I was never much good at talking about my life. However, I’m getting better. Maybe it’s confidence, maybe it’s narcissism.

I’m Chloe. I’m nineteen. I come from a little big town called Wigan in the UK. Late last year I moved from The North down to The South to study Fashion Journalism at Southampton Solent University.

It’s strange really, this time two years ago I expected myself to be in a little dorm room in Manchester after opting to study criminology and law, because “hey, Law, good line of work, your parents will be proud, if it goes well you’ll have a stable future”. Until I realised that basically, my interest was rooted in American crime TV shows and if I wasn’t actually Tim Roth in Lie To Me, I wasn’t as into the subject as I thought. Needless to say, my tutor wasn’t happy when I came in saying I wanted to apply for Fashion Journalism instead.

When said tutor asked where I wanted to study my answer was “Don’t care, as long as it’s in a city and I’m not stuck in the middle of nowhere”, because I am literally, maybe, one of the most restless people you could ever meet. Most of my friends are studying at Lancaster University, which is a wonderful place, but if you want anything more than a Subway, you better have bus fare. I love Southampton, it’s enough like home and enough like somewhere new to keep me satisfied for the time being.

Fashion is a primary interest, next to many other things, namely music. If I’m not wandering around the city, I’m usually at a gig. As I write this now I’m preparing to see Green Day tomorrow. I’ve always been a writer, as a kid it was books and stories, now it’s still books and stories (when I can find the inspiration) and journalism, hence the degree. I l like taking photos, namely of the sky and I like painting and drawing, as long as it’s something easy.

2016 was a big year. Both the best and worst year of my life. I went to a lot of gigs, went to my first festivals, moved away, had nights I wished would last forever. I made a lot of new friends and became closer with older ones. I realised the person I wanted to be – where I want to go? I’m not entirely sure yet.

This is my journey after I stopped playing it safe.