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University Room Tour – 2017

Now that I’ve finally been able to tear myself away from Vine compilations on YouTube I decided that it was probably time to write a new blog post.

University can be hard, especially when you have to move away from home. I enjoyed being in Hall’s last year (most of the time), but living in such a cramped place that felt so far away from what I knew of home made it hard to motivate myself to do work, and I spent a lot of my time in the library and the local coffee shop hoping a change of scenery would help.

Which is why moving into an apartment for my second year was so exciting, and I spent my entire summer planning how to decorate a room I couldn’t even really remember viewing. (I didn’t really have anything better to do). I saved up money specifically so I could waste it at IKEA the minute I got back to Southampton.

This was the result.

Listen, since I was a kid I’ve wanted a loft converted bedroom, and since I got a Pinterest account I’ve wanted a stand-alone clothes rack for my room. The minute I moved in all the furniture got moved around (why would anyone sleep in a room where the bed is in the middle of the room?), and the next day I spent hours wandering Above Bar and IKEA to find (affordable) things to decorate it with.


Everything on my bed:

I value being comfortable a lot. Since the start of this year, I’d had my eye on Urban Outfitters’ grey Jersey bedding set, but wasn’t sure if I could really justify spending over £50 on it. Over the summer I found an identical set from ASDA that was £25 and came with the fitted sheet. Primark also sold a similar set, however, every Primark I went in had sold out of the Double set.

The pillows and cases are from IKEA, with an exception of the floral one (Primark, £3) which I bought to break up the block colours, and the fluffy yellow one which was a late addition and leads me onto the blankets.

I originally bought a plain black throw from Wilkinsons, before finding the yellow ‘teddy-bear’ blanket at Dunhelm Mill. It’s my best purchase ever, it was £25 for the large blanket and matching pillow, I don’t regret a penny.

Do I really need a total of 1 duvet, 3 blankets (I use an old one as an undersheet), 5 extra cushions in addition to my 4 pillows? Probably not. Do I care? No.

The plants.

There’s a lot of claims that having plants around the house can increase mood and productivity, I’m not entirely sure if that’s true or not but I just have them because they look pretty. The orchid on my drawers is actually fake from IKEA, because I knew if I bought a real one I’d forget to water it then just get sad when it died, which is why the plants on my desk are succulents, which means I don’t have to water them very often. Win-win really.

Clothes rack. 

Not going to lie, I originally wanted one of these purely for the aesthetic value, but I have a lot of coats and it turns out having them all on a rack separate from my wardrobe is really helpful, the one I bought was also super cheap too, also from IKEA.


At the start of every school year, i get excited to do a big stationary shop, despite the fact that I do most of my work on my laptop. Either way, my notebooks are from Flying Tiger.  My 18-month planner is from T.K Maxx, I can’t link it because it isn’t on the website, but if you are looking for a decent planner/diary for next year, I would definitely recommend having a look in your nearest T.K/T.J Maxx (depending on where you’re living).

The large candle on my desk is from Primark and is still yet to be lit, but it’s a combination of rhubarb and lemon (swear I didn’t just buy it for The Wombats’ reference) and it is SO nice, I have the matching infuser on top of my drawers that lasts for around a month and is £1, bargain.

Most of my posters are pretty old, the music posters are from HMV and the 5 Second Of Summer prints are gig merch. The map posters (I have a world map, a constellation map and then one that explains the phases of the sun and moon) can be bought from both Waterstones and Urban Outfitters. The small postcards above my bedside table are from Paperchase.


My aim was to create a space that I knew I’d be able to spend long amounts of time in, either just chilling out or getting work done and I’ve done that for myself. I hope that maybe I can inspire you guys on how to make a room that isn’t actually yours seem a bit more comfortable to live in.


Also, I SWEAR I’m going to be posting more from now on.





A Different Insight (Giving Criticism) – Reflective Post 2

For part of this course, we’ve been asked to read each other’s work and give feedback.

I’ve always had a fear of giving criticism, I never want to hurt someone’s feelings or demotivate someone from just trying to do what they love. I’m not a brilliant writer by far. I don’t have perfect grammar, or equally perfect spelling, so commenting on that kind of stuff always made me feel a bit hypocritical.

However, in class I was provided with a different insight into giving criticism without hurting the reader.

  • Nice Comment.
  • Feedback
  • Nice Comment.

Looking back now, it seemed almost obvious. As long as the feedback isn’t being purposely spiteful, or patronizing and ‘Nice Comment #2’ isn’t being used merely to cushion the blow, it works out for both parties. The reader is left feeling good about what they’ve already written but ready to improve, the writer is left feeling confident they haven’t just shattered somebody’s hopes and dreams.

An Introduction

Okay, so I was never much good at talking about my life. However, I’m getting better. Maybe it’s confidence, maybe it’s narcissism.

I’m Chloe. I’m nineteen. I come from a little big town called Wigan in the UK. Late last year I moved from The North down to The South to study Fashion Journalism at Southampton Solent University.

It’s strange really, this time two years ago I expected myself to be in a little dorm room in Manchester after opting to study criminology and law, because “hey, Law, good line of work, your parents will be proud, if it goes well you’ll have a stable future”. Until I realised that basically, my interest was rooted in American crime TV shows and if I wasn’t actually Tim Roth in Lie To Me, I wasn’t as into the subject as I thought. Needless to say, my tutor wasn’t happy when I came in saying I wanted to apply for Fashion Journalism instead.

When said tutor asked where I wanted to study my answer was “Don’t care, as long as it’s in a city and I’m not stuck in the middle of nowhere”, because I am literally, maybe, one of the most restless people you could ever meet. Most of my friends are studying at Lancaster University, which is a wonderful place, but if you want anything more than a Subway, you better have bus fare. I love Southampton, it’s enough like home and enough like somewhere new to keep me satisfied for the time being.

Fashion is a primary interest, next to many other things, namely music. If I’m not wandering around the city, I’m usually at a gig. As I write this now I’m preparing to see Green Day tomorrow. I’ve always been a writer, as a kid it was books and stories, now it’s still books and stories (when I can find the inspiration) and journalism, hence the degree. I l like taking photos, namely of the sky and I like painting and drawing, as long as it’s something easy.

2016 was a big year. Both the best and worst year of my life. I went to a lot of gigs, went to my first festivals, moved away, had nights I wished would last forever. I made a lot of new friends and became closer with older ones. I realised the person I wanted to be – where I want to go? I’m not entirely sure yet.

This is my journey after I stopped playing it safe.