A Course In Review – Reflective Post 5

It’s April, meaning my Multiplatform Journalism course is coming to a close, I learnt a lot over the few months I had to study this subject and completely different skills in both assessments I had to work on.

Starting this blog has not only taught me the ‘ins and outs’ of setting up a blog, including how to edit a theme, create different pages and use the text editor to its full potential but it’s also taught me not to be scared of giving or receiving criticism and how to deal with it in the correct ways. I’ve learned a lot about the ‘science’ behind blogging, how to tag posts and when to post them in order to gain more views and subscribers and finally, starting this blog has made me more comfortable in my writing style.

As well as starting this blog, I’ve had to write and produce an entire feature. Focusing on beauty YouTuber’s under the age of 17 I’ve not only learned about how differently society views and is viewed by young girls in regards to beauty and self-confidence but I’ve also learned about the correct ways to conduct interviews and research your subjects.

All in all, I think it’s been pretty successful.

Clo xoxo.