Review and Rewind – Reflective Post 3

Half way through the course, and despite it going so quickly, I’m surprised by just how much I’ve learnt. Multiplatform Journalism is very much a writing based module and I feel as if writing isn’t something you learn from reading a textbook and looking through powerpoint slides.

That’s not to say that if you’re a bad writer you can’t become better, it means I believe it’s something you learn through practice, not research. And with practice, you can only develop yourself through criticism and feedback. The last blog post I wrote was about my struggle to give feedback and how I overcame it, this blog post is a reflection on the changes I’ve made and how I’ve learnt to accept feedback.

The changes to my posts were simple and mainly just grammar and spelling mistakes and the odd suggestion to rearrange some of my sentences. (I like to type how I talk, which in combination with a very Northern accent, can sometimes be a recipe for disaster), it made me happy knowing that my peers have been able to see the development in my writing through the weeks, as I have in theirs.

In regards to my ‘about’ page, I enjoyed the shortness of it and do find that when it comes to talking about myself, I either say too much, or not enough at all – which is why I wrote an introductory blog post that you can find here.




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