A Different Insight (Giving Criticism) – Reflective Post 2

For part of this course, we’ve been asked to read each other’s work and give feedback.

I’ve always had a fear of giving criticism, I never want to hurt someone’s feelings or demotivate someone from just trying to do what they love. I’m not a brilliant writer by far. I don’t have perfect grammar, or equally perfect spelling, so commenting on that kind of stuff always made me feel a bit hypocritical.

However, in class I was provided with a different insight into giving criticism without hurting the reader.

  • Nice Comment.
  • Feedback
  • Nice Comment.

Looking back now, it seemed almost obvious. As long as the feedback isn’t being purposely spiteful, or patronizing and ‘Nice Comment #2’ isn’t being used merely to cushion the blow, it works out for both parties. The reader is left feeling good about what they’ve already written but ready to improve, the writer is left feeling confident they haven’t just shattered somebody’s hopes and dreams.


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