The Starting Line. (This is not a reference to the pop punk band) – Reflective Post 1

If someone asked why I decided to study Fashion Journalism, I wouldn’t have a solid answer, other than maybe ‘it felt right’ and ‘when I told my friends, they said it made sense’.” That’s not to say I’m not passionate about fashion, or writing at all. Frankly, I’m confused and a bit clueless about most things.

Multiplatform Journalism however, is what made this entire course make sense to me. I’ve always been very involved in social media. There has been numerous ‘style’ and ‘fashion’ blog attempts under my name before this one (I’m hoping using this one for University purposes also, might give me the motivation to stick to it) and I’ve sat and watched Youtube haul and tutorial videos, claiming that once I’m a little less scared of showing my face on camera, I’ll give it a try.

I’ve never prided myself on being an amazing writer, considering it’s the one thing I’ve done since being a child. I do pride myself on being original, and writing in a voice that is mine, and mine only. I’m restless and I get bored easily, unless I’m passionate about something, either that or I’m just too stubborn to give up. If there’s one thing I’m expecting from this course it’s not to ‘find my voice’, that’s been established since I was 11 and writing spin-off’s for the TV dramas I would watch with my Mum, it’s to build on and improve it.

Why did I choose the study Fashion Journalism, you ask? Hopefully both you and I will find out soon enough.



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